Dear PTA Presidents,
The following media statement was sent today in response to election campaign mailers. A copy is provided below for your information.

Thank you,
California State PTA

June 2, 2016

Media Contacts:
Carol Green, VP for Communications

 Michelle Eklund, Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives
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Statewide and local election campaign mailers
are not connected to California State PTA

SACRAMENTO, CA -- California State PTA President Justine Fischer today issued a statement regarding statewide and local election campaign mailers and fliers by a group tied to the CA Charter Schools Association Independent Expenditure Campaign calling itself the "Parent Teacher Alliance."

"These June 7 primary election campaign materials are not affiliated with the PTA, which has been in existence since 1897, in any way, shape or form. Yet, the resemblance of the group's name to the trademarked PTA name may cause confusion among the public and suggest that PTA endorses certain candidates.

"I want to assure everyone that California State PTA has not authorized these materials. PTA never comments on, endorses or supports individual candidates for office. PTA is a non-partisan association with a long track record of speaking up for all children and connecting families, schools and communities.

"It is truly unfortunate when any group gives an appearance or representation that seems to trade on the credibility and reputation of the 100-plus year-old PTA."

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