October 27, 2020

  • Tax filing deadline
  • Guidance on school reopenings and waivers
  • November election updates
  • Financial mailing information
  • Service Mailing reminder

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It is a requirement that all non-profits in California file taxes with the Internal Revenue Service, the Franchise Tax Board and the Attorney General within 4 months and 15 days of the end of their fiscal year. There are no automatic extensions being offered by any of these governmental agencies.

Please make sure your PTA has made arrangements to file those required forms, or has a knowledgeable non-profit tax filing professional who can file the forms for you.

Full details are available on our website in the Tax Filing Support Center.


California State PTA recently created a document that can provide helpful guidance on two related issues that many of you may be facing right now: school re-openings and waivers for in-person elementary instruction. To read the document in its entirety, click here.

Titled “School Reopening Principles,” this document is based on our organizational goals and purposes, and was created with input from our local leaders, our parent listening sessions last summer, our longstanding educational and legislative stances, and the most current information from reliable educational and health agencies. We encourage local PTAs and school districts to adhere to these principles during important conversations regarding school reopening.

Waiver Applications for Elementary School In-Person Instruction have become a difficult issue for local PTAs and the guidelines and explanation are intended to help local PTA leaders navigate this issue. By way of background: School districts in certain counties, which would otherwise be prohibited from allowing in-person instruction due to the COVID-19 category they are in, have the option of applying for a waiver to reopen for elementary grades. If the waiver application meets all the criteria, the county department of health can approve in-person instruction.

By state policy, the school district has to consult with parent organizations before submitting a waiver application. In Los Angeles County, the Department of Public Health (LADPH) had made it a requirement to attach a letter of support from parent organizations (and also all employee associations and others).

However, California State PTA wrote to the director of LADPH, explaining that it unfairly forced PTAs to essentially reduce all parent/family input into a single “yes” or “no” position, and also put PTAs at risk of liability for having officially supported in-person instruction.

Our advocacy on this issue led to a change in policy from LADPH. They will no longer require letters of support from parent organizations. PTAs should be part of a consultation process with their school districts if waivers are being considered, but they should no longer be pressed to take a position on the issue.


Pledge your vote for Props. 15 and 16

California State PTA currently supports Propositions 15 and 16 on the November 3 ballot. We encourage you to pledge your support of both propositions by signing our petitions, which you can do by clicking here:

Prop. 15: More money for schools and local communities!

Proposition 15 would require that commercial and industrial real estate property worth $3 million or more be taxed on current market value, raising as much as $11.5 billion in additional funding for schools and local communities. It protects all homeowners and renters by maintaining tax protections for ALL residential property.

Prop. 16: Restores critical equal opportunity policies in state hiring, contracting, and education

This constitutional amendment, placed on the November 2020 statewide ballot by the legislature, asks the voters of California to vote on permitting the use of race, gender, and ethnic diversity as factors (but not decisive factors) in education including college admissions, government hiring, and government contracting. It would restore affirmative action in California and level the playing field so that all Californians can succeed.

For information on both measures, go to https://capta.org/focus-areas/advocacy/state-ballot-measures/

Participate in the #CreateTheVote Campaign

#CreateTheVote is a get-out-the-vote campaign from our partner Create CA aimed at highlighting how civic engagement ties to arts education, and encouraging your community to engage in local elections.

Create CA has designed some unique non-partisan campaign elements that you can use in social media, newsletters and emails:

  • Review sample posts and the components on this flyer.

  • All 58 California counties have their own unique graphic. Grab yours here and use it in your email signature, your social media posts and your communication NOW through November 3rd.

  • Share the Create the Vote video, which leads with our shared values as a nation and connects all five disciplines to the reminder to VOTE!

  • Use the hashtag #CreateTheVote!

Have you completed your vote-by-mail ballot?

We just wanted to send you a quick reminder that if you're not planning to vote in person, now's the time to complete your ballot – the election is only 6 days away! All vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked – or dropped at an official drop-off location – by November 3.

We know that there is a lot on the ballot (and you have a lot on your plate), so we have compiled a list of non-partisan voter resources that can help you learn more about the issues, and how to fill out and mail your ballot correctly.


We just wanted to remind you that the 2020-21 Financial Mailing is now available!

Every year California State PTA compiles this packet of financial information and resources to help you successfully run the financial side of your PTA. It includes information on insurance premiums, tax filing, the TOTEM e-membership system, and the 2021 Insurance Guide. All the materials are available in both English and Spanish.

A hard copy of the packet was mailed out last week and will arrive in your mailbox shortly, if it hasn't already. But if you just can't wait to get a copy, you can also view it online or download a PDF version (in English or Spanish) from our website. If you only want to view certain sections, you can do that too! Click here to see all your options.


Are you a newly elected leader? Not sure what you and your board should be working on next? Then you need to see the Service Mailing! It contains a wealth of resources on how to run your PTA, as well as ideas for family engagement, distance learning, membership campaigns, and a whole lot more.

Click here to visit the Service Mailing web pages, where you can download PDF versions of the Leadership Made Easy packet and the magazine "Running Your PTA...Made Easy," or view just the sections of the Service Mailing that are relevant to you.

We encourage you to bookmark this awesome resource and make sure you share it with all your board members and committee chairs!


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